see About a month ago, I started a new project which really piqued my interest. It is rare for me to find a passion project where I don’t want to do anything but work on it. But this one in particular really had me going and for 3 weeks, I worked on a project that my friend had originally created. This project was called StyroBotPy. StyroBotPy was created by a friend of mine in C# to be a Discord bot. This bot had various functionality such as being able to talk to cleverbot in Discord chat, playing music in the voice channels, getting quotes from a text channel and more. Unfortunately for him, something in the C# API for Discord broke the night before his project was due and he re-wrote it in Python. This was all before Discord even had an official API (which it does now).

source link This project interested me because it was a neat idea; and since I use Discord, I thought it could be cool to mess around with this on my own. So with his permission, I became a contributor on his project and came up with a grand plan for changing it. Now, the original project was nicely structured and setup to be fairly modular, but when it was hastily re-written in python, it was messy and basically a god class. It was quite the mess and the interwovenness of the code plus the implicit nature of python made it somewhat difficult to decipher at first. But this only made it more fun to work on. And so I set off on my journey to refactor and update his Discord bot.

rencontre femme musulmane france gratuit For about a week, I was playing around with an idea of turning the entire thing to a Plugin based architecture. This meant making it extremely modular and super easy to extend in the future. Add on top of this some of python’s quirks and you’ve got a pretty great system. The only problem was that the project in its current form wouldn’t work well with this. It was mostly because the repo and the code wasn’t really setup for multiple files. If you’ve ever done python development with more than 1 file, you will understand how it can be a problem when your project isn’t properly setup. I was also working in linux and he created the python in windows. Add on top of this the fact that there was no automation like make/batch. It was a nightmare. So I ended up spending a few days restructuring the repo and creating some automation that would allow me to have a decent workflow. I tried my best to make sure it still ran on windows, but I honestly still have no idea if those batch scripts work. I kind of abandoned the windows specific stuff to focus my efforts on the python itself.[uid]=510 Once everything was setup, I began experimenting with the Plugin architecture and after a bit of researching, I found a solution that I liked a lot. I am using a python module called yapsy which is short for Yet Another service hotline banc de binary deutsch Plugin source SYstem. It allows me to very easily create plugins and load them dynamically at runtime with almost no effort at all. And on top of this, it is built on Python’s standard library meaning it has no dependencies of its own, making it light weight and simple. Once I had found this, I had what I wanted working in minutes. Then over the course of roughly 2 weeks, I slowly tweaked my abstract Plugin class to hold the functionality I needed for the system. The result can be seen below.

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