Senior Production

Post XIV

After a long an unproductive break, I am back to continue working on The Last Light. I spent all semester talking about it and the development process and I will continue to do so this semester as our game was not cut. This week in particular will be short because it was the first week of classes and nothing interesting happened development wise.

This week, my new humongous team met up for the first time since break and began to talk about this semester. Being the programming lead focused my efforts towards making sure that the 3 new programmers and myself had work to do over the weekend. It was a good opportunity to patch things up and prepare for the upcoming level as the design team and producers scrambled to figure things out. It’s been an interesting experience so far for me since i’ve never really managed people.

What I was able to do so far has been mostly bug fixes. Last semester, I did my best to keep the code clean and bug free, but you can never really iron all of them out. I started with the notorious gate bug where slipping past the gate you have to lift will break your inventory, making the game unplayable. This wasn’t too hard to fix, but it required a little bit of digging to find the problem. The solution ended up being to make sure the inventory was properly re-enabled when the player completed opening the gate. This, however, would be problematic when people snuck under the gate without opening it and would render the code useless. To solve this, I went ahead and put an invisible wall behind the gate which gets automatically removed when you fully open the gate. This makes sure that players can’t sneak under the gate, breaking the systems. Hopefully, this will be the end of the problem.

As for next week, i’m not quite sure whats on the table just yet. I missed the last team meeting due to being out of town and i’m still figuring things out. It does seem like we will be focusing our efforts towards menus and “kiosk” mode as the teachers like to call it.

That is all for this week, but i’ll be back next week with the next segment.


  • Met with the new team
  • Fixed game breaking bugs!


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