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This will be the final blog post for capstone. I will be writing a post mortem in the future for this project, but otherwise there will be no more updates. Since my last update, a ton has changed in our game. If you took a look at our game less than a month ago and took another look at it today, you would be blown away. With that being said, however, it makes it difficult to talk about what specifically I did. These past 2 weeks in particular have been so filled with production work that my memory is all melted into one big ball and I can’t really remember specifics. I do know that a lot of my time was spent making builds, testing, fixing bugs and implementing last minute “features” which were necessary for our game. This past weekend in particular saw 25+ hours of work put into it from myself as well as similar hours for many of my team mates.

One of the goals that we were supposed to hit for the senior show is “Gold Master”. Basically just meaning a stable and “complete” build of our game. And by complete, i just mean that it is fully playable from start to finish and has all the art, systems and design we wanted to have in the game. Obviously its impossible to get this because things never work out how you would like them to, but given what we accomplished, we definitely reached the spirit of what Gold Master is.

With our final build submitted and the senior show coming up this Friday, the team is now shifting gears towards preparing for the show itself. Luckily for us, most of it will involve showing off team and individual reels. Afterwards, we get to spend time talking with people about our game as they come to play it and learn more. It should be an interesting experience and I hope that it all goes well.

Our team’s reel can be viewed below. It honestly is more like a teaser than anything, but it should give you a decent grasp of different aspects of the game. It has puzzles, monsters, narrative and cutscenes.


This is all I have to talk about in this post. I will be making a post mortem post in the future (not sure when yet since i’m very busy). We also made a page on which you can check it out here if you want to download and play the game or find out more about it!


  • We hit Gold Master
  • There was lots of crunch
  • Senior show is Friday
  • Post mortem coming soon to a blog near you

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