About Me

I am Vincent Loignon and I am a student at Champlain College studying Game Programming. Currently in my 4th year, I have had many opportunities in my time at Champlain to hone my skills as a programmer and to learn more about myself. A long time gamer, I have grown up playing various genres of video games and while playing them was always fun, I always had an interest in how they were made. After taking a Java programming class in high school, my interest was further peaked, compelling me to enroll at Champlain as a Game Programmer. This is when I realized that I enjoy making games as much as playing them, if not more.



I am interested in many aspects of game development, but my primary interests lay in the fields of game play systems, tools and UI. I find these subjects fun to learn about and experiment with. I have made many small tools for various projects and games I’ve worked on in classes (and out of classes). I have also made my own modular UI system in C# with XNA for use in a school project which utilizes many design patterns which I have learned in my studies. Outside of game development, I am an avid gamer and enjoy sitting back and enjoying various genres including (but not limited to) MMO, MOBA, RTS, FPS, RPG and Puzzle games. I have also been a musician for numerous years and enjoy playing music on the piano, guitar and alto saxophone. Though school has limited my time to do such activities, I also enjoy playing Golf and participating in Martial Arts, specifically Tae Kwon Do which I hold two Black Belts in.


I am experienced in many programming languages but there are several that I use frequently for various tasks.

I primarily work in C++, C#, Java and ActionScript 3. These are the languages I hold the most experience in and I am extremely proficient with years of experience.

I have a small amount of experience working in C, Python, Javascript, SQL, Bash and HLSL.

I have a basic understanding of HTML5 and CSS3 and PHP.


I have used various tools, game frameworks/engines, libraries and IDEs during my studies, work and free time.

I have used and am experienced with the following IDEs and Text Editors: Visual Studio (2010, 2012, 2013), Eclipse, Flash Develop, Vim/GVim and Android Studio to name a few.

I have used and am experienced using several game engines/frameworks including: XNA4.0, Unity, Starling and Unreal Engine 4

I have experimented and used these libraries: DirectX 9, DirectX 11, Allegro5, SFML and AndEngine

I have used the following tools: Photoshop (experienced), Flash  (experienced)

Work Experience

Emergent Media Center

I have now worked at the EMC for over 2  years and during my time here, I’ve been on three projects. They are the UNSECO project (March 2016 – present), the Make a Change project (April 2014 – March 2016) and the ECHO Project (August 2013 – April 2014).

While on the ECHO project, I worked on an Android application for the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center. It was developed in Java using AndEngine specifically for the Nexus 7 and 10. My role was primarily within the game’s primary menu/UI system called the journal and developing much of its content and functionality. I also did a small amount of work within one of the games (Algae Officer) doing some bug fixing. Having entered the project halfway through development, my role was focused less on the games and more on the remaining content which was menu and general functionality.

I worked on the Make a Change project for the entirety of its development from prototyping to the final deliverable. The Make a Change project was developed in Action Script 3 with the intention of the experience being purely through the web using the mouse. My role changed over the course of the project, but it included implementing various prototype games, extending games, bug fixing, database management, tools and deployment. I also contributed a lot to the framework code used throughout the project including the sound, tutorial and image systems.

I am currently working on the UNESCO project. I was recently put on this project to help lessen the workload for a few weeks before the current phase of the project is sent to the client. My work has primarily been to create UIs and menus for the game in Javascript using Phaser and the custom framework created by the other programmers.


iD Tech Camps

I worked for iD Tech Camps at their Roger Williams University campus during the Summer of 2013. My job was to teach campers fundamentals to good game design. We used Minecraft and MCEdit as tools to teach the kids in a way they could more easily understand and apply what they learned. Through the week long camp sessions, campers would learn various techniques such as the Hero’s Story and technical skills such as how to do large edits in Minecraft using MCEdit to create a well designed game. The scope of these projects was meant to be small and merely a vertical slice, but many of them took it to heart and created some large and fantastic games and mechanics.


Career Services

I worked at Champlain College’s Career Services for my Freshman year and worked on what was called the Yes Team. The Yes Team was a small project team in Career services that tackled various small projects needed by Career Services such as creating promotional materials for educational events. They also maintained the OneDoc, a web-based list of major-specific job postings. The OneDoc was distributed weekly to students via email and could be accessed at any time using a bitly link provided to them in the weekly emails. My job required me to develop and implement the OneDoc (I helped develop and promote the 2nd revision of the document). I also assisted in editing and publishing promotional material used by the school for educational events. I also helped develop the first version of the Resume Books, a PDF based posting of candidates tailored towards individual employers. The Resume Books were used by the Career Advisors to send to potential employers looking for candidates for various open positions.